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By:  Laurie Stephens

If you want the items you are selling to rank high on Etsy and the major search engines then write the best titles that you can for the items. I ‘m going to give you some suggestions on writing good titles for your listings, these are things I have used to write titles for the Etsy shop Redposie. They have proved to be very effective in increasing the number of shoppers to the Etsy shop Redposie which has resulted in my sells going up. I have used my professional experience in internet marketing and my passion for collecting vintage things to run a successful Etsy Shop.

There are many Etsy Shops selling Vintage items like the  Redposie shop, currently when a shopper searches on Etsy for vintage items they will get approximately 1, 848,128 items to choose from and with the growing popularity of Etsy being the online place for shoppers to find vintage items that number is sure to increase as time passes.  At Redposie to get our Vintage items seen by Buyers we needed to rely on the title to make our items appear in the Etsy search engine results, Google, Bing, yahoo and other major search engines.  With some changes to the way Etsy now rank search items using relevant titles is the way to get shopppers to see your items.  Etsy has started to display search results sorted by relevancy rather than having items sorted by most recent.

Title content gives us the most control on how well our products will show up in all the online search engines. Even when I used  paid for search engine adds that Etsy offers for $5 for 5000 impressions, $10 for 10000 impressions, $25 for 25,0000 impressions the ads would always generate better results when I put little effort in writing strong relevant titles for our products using the method here. On a side note I would recommend that if you really want to push your sells to a higher level than promote your items with Search Ads from Etsy. As the old say goes, "You do have to spend money to make money".

1. Write accurate and descriptive titles

First words of your title explain what your item is, for example if the item you're writing the title for is a set of  vintage drink coasters your title may look like this: 

Drink Coasters Vintage St Louis Baseball Card – vs – St Louis Baseball Card Vintage Drink Coasters

2. Use keywords you think a shopper may search

Put yourself in the place of your shopper and think of what words they would use to search for the item you are witting the title for. Next use the Google keyword tool to check if the words you can up with has high number of searches.


Don't forget  to read Etsy's Policy  " DOs and DON’Ts of Etsy"  on writing Titles




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